The Thrill Seeking Route


Live la dolce vita as you set sail to the incredible volcanic archipelago known as the Aeolian Islands. Just off the coast of Sicily, this cluster of seven islands were named by the Greek settlers after the god of wind. This UNESCO World Heritage site’s volcanic origins have left it with a dramatic legacy of black sand beaches, smouldering craters and jagged rocky coastlines. These hard-to-reach islands, two of which still have active volcanoes, are surrounded by turquoise and cobalt blue waters that are mostly only accessible by private boat. On this incredible journey, you’ll snorkel in magical blue coves, explore ruins and abandoned villages, feast on fresh seafood and homemade Italian cuisine in picturesque traditional villages, get to know friendly locals and maybe even spot a celebrity or two. But best of all - seize the opportunity to hike up a live volcano to see lava up close and personal, at night!

 Italy Highlights

  • Kasbah Cafe on Lipari, their burrata is to die for.
  • Hike to the top of Stromboli and watch the volcano erupt in the night

When will you sail?

  • June 12th - June 19th

Day 1

Base marina Portorosa

Check in by 3pm and set on a leisurely 3 hour sail towards Vulcano island.

Day 2

Vulcano Island

Wake up with the fresh Mediterranean breeze. Vulcano Island will leave you speechless as if you’ve just landed on a new planet: the landscape is barren, white smoke bellows out of the mountain peaks and the smell of sulfur engulfs your senses. Spend the day enjoying the therapeutic mud baths, natural hot springs and hikes up the smoking volcanic craters.

Day 3

Lipari Island

The town of Lipari, named after the Greek God of the winds, Liparus, consists of colourful and quaint houses. Lipari is the most accessible of the Aeolian islands and provides a dynamic range of activities. The main port is bustling with an abundance of shops, restaurants and bars, and local markets. If you choose to venture away from town, you will be greeted by typical Mediterranean landscapes of rugged terrain, rolling hills, and bright blue water. Wine and dine at one of the many local family run restaurants.

Day 4

Island of Salina

Salina remains less touristic than the other Aeolian islands and offers visitors a vast amount of activities and sightseeing. Once ashore be welcomed into traditional delis where you will satisfy your appetite with local cheeses, meats and wine. Wander through the town to the twin volcanoes for one of the most spectacular views in the Mediterranean. For dinner, take a walk through the inner harbour and feast on the catch of the day and the endless amounts of fresh seafood and fine wines before making your way back to your yacht for the night.

Day 5


Set sail early to Stromboli - Europe’s only permanently active volcano. Thus, be warned, this excursion is not for the faint-hearted as the hike to the top is about two hours long. Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots, a torch and warm clothes, our partners will provide you with helmets. In the evening, you will stay in Ginostra, a quaint village situated at the bottom of the volcano.

Day 6

Panarea island

Panarea island is two hours northeast of Salina island. Enjoy breakfast onboard before making the journey from Stromboli to Panarea Island. When you arrive, the first thing you will notice is there are no cars on the island, the main way of transport is by scooter or golf carts. The island is covered with picturesque villages, so hop on one of these alternative travel options and explore this jewel of an island. When the sun goes down, Panarea comes alive and is home to one of the best nightclubs in Italy, Hotel Raya.

Day 7

Island hop back to base marina Portorosa

Enjoy your breakfast on Panarea island before beginning the 4-hours journey back to the base marina in Portorosa. Soak up some rays while listening to the soothing sound of your yacht slicing through the waves. Find an appealing place to moor for lunch and a refreshing swim before continuing the last leg of your journey back to Portorosa. Spending the night in Portorosa will give you the opportunity to explore the vibrant community.

Day 8

Check out

Check out by 9am and be sure to visit Mount Etna. Ciao a tutti!

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