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Dubrovnik wasn’t dubbed “The Pearl of the Adriatic” for nothing, the sense of awe never resides once in it’s presence. However, this brilliantly bewitching city is not the only reason worth going to Southern Dalmatia. From the historic birthplace of Marco Polo to the balmy beaches, skinny dipping spots and quaint fishing villages, the Southern Dalmatian coast has something for everyone.

Day 1

Dubrovnik (base marina)

Check in at 5:00pm, we advise arriving an hour before. From base marina Dubrovnik you will enjoy a pleasant two hour sail towards the island of Lopud. Car-free and certainly carefree, the island of Lopud is a beautiful island known for its lush vegetation, pristine beaches, and history that dates back to the 16th century.

Day 2

Island of Lopud and Bay of Sunj

Spend the day walking along the lively seaside walkways refreshing your taste buds with fresh seafood and traditional Croatian cuisine whilst sipping tropical cocktails. Set sail to the Bay of Sunj after lunch, which is considered by many to be the most stunning beach in the Adriatic. The crystal clear waters invite for world class snorkeling. Stroll through the picturesque Sunj settlement and enjoy some of the local shops and delicacies. From Sunj Bay you will set on a relaxed two hour sail towards the Island of Mljet.

Day 3

Island of Mljet

Being a Croatian National Park, Mljet is home to an abundance of lush green vegetation, sandy shorelines and a rich marine life - the perfect destination to see nature at it’s best. As well as delicious Dalmatian wines, cheeses and olives. Take your time to tour the island and explore the two saltwater lakes situated on the northern end of the island, Veliko and Malo Jezero. On an island in the middle of lake Malo Jezero you will find an old Benedictine Monastery built by a group of Italian monks between the years 1151 and 1345.

Day 4


Soak up some sun for two hours whilst sailing towards the island of Lastovo. The island is a small paradise that typically only sees a handful of tourists even during peak season. Enjoy walks along the rocky coastline accompanied only by the natural beauty and the crashing of the waves. Take a walk through Lastovo village and climb the stairs to the local meteorological station where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the inlets and islands that scatter the sea.

Day 5

Korcula - Marco Polo's birthplace

Korcula Island is a one and a half hour sail from Lastovo and is the sixth largest island in the Adriatic. Korcula is home to many small medieval villages all of which have their own distinct personality and offer a unique blend of history; local wine, olive groves and architecture. The town of Korcula comes alive with religious ceremonies, street festivals and traditional dances that will surely keep you entertained.

Day 6

Peljesac Peninsula

Head towards Orebic on the peninsula of Peljesac for a refreshing morning swim. Then, set sail towards the south. With its rocky landscape, Peljesac offers the perfect soil for grapes, enjoy a day of wine tasting the Croatia’s finest. Ston village was and is an important salt-producing town which led to the fortification of the city: a 5.5 km long wall was built in 1333, giving it the name of “European Wall of China”.

Day 7


Wake up to the smells of breakfast onboard your yacht before setting sail back to Dubrovnik. Your skipper will take you along the coastline showing you more hidden gems, coves and snorkeling spots. Don’t leave Dubrovnik without a walk along the famous walls to discover the charms of this UNESCO World Heritage city.

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