• More room - typically more interior space
  • Less seasickness - they don’t heel and move mostly upright, more family friendly, with less discomfort.
  • Better rest - stability at anchor
  • Shallower draft – cats can venture into areas previously off limits.
  • Easier docking and increased maneuverability
  • Easy sailing
  • Better performance – sailing cats don’t like to go upwind. So if you want the true feeling of tight tacks and upwind performance, a monohull will be a better bet.
  • Slice through the waves – smoother ride on rougher seas.
  • More available – more to choose from.
  • More affordable – cats are expensive, though it can be offset by sharing the costs with more people.

There are hundreds of boats available for charter that are within the budget of the average holiday-maker. Pricing depends on the boat’s size, age and design.

Size: The more people you have per boat to share the cost per week, the less expensive the cost will be per person. Larger boats are more expensive, as are catamarans. But larger boats can accommodate more guests, and catamarans usually can accommodate more guests than monohulls in the same size range.

Age: The newer the yacht, the more expensive it will be. Some people prefer brand-new yachts; others think that as long as an older yacht is well-maintained and fully equipped, age doesn’t make a difference, except in price.

Your style: Consider your preferred level of comfort. If you prefer to stay in five-star luxury hotels, you may wish to consider a larger boat for fewer people with a skipper and a hostess.


First time sailing? Or perhaps you are discovering a new destination and want to sit back, relax and enjoy. A skipper will handle the boat for you, recommend routes, places to visit and make your holiday as relaxing as possible.

Many of our clients have never been on a yacht before. Sailing should be accessible for everyone. A skipper will handle your boat for the week. They are expert sailors and knowledgeable about each destination ensuring you get the most out of your holiday.

Your skipper will live on the yacht with you for the duration of your trip – bear in mind that you will need to reserve a bed space for the skipper when selecting your yacht. You will need to provide three meals a day for your skipper.

You will be put in direct contact with your skipper around 6 weeks prior to departure. This means that you can tell them what type of holiday you are looking for and they can work on a route tailored to your requirements.

  • Professional in-house trained Skippers
  • In direct contact with you before your holiday
  • Take care of the boat
  • Teach you how to sail (if you want!)
  • Advise on an itinerary
  • Expert guide on and off the water
  • An extra friend on your yacht!
  • Clean the interior of the yacht
  • Food shopping
  • Cooking

€949 per week. You are also expected to pay for the skipper’s food and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the week.

If you choose to skipper your own yacht, you must provide a recognised navigational certificate. The qualification required depends on which waters you will be sailing in and the requirements of the yacht charter company. In both Greece and Croatia, a skipper must have a VHF licence and proof of navigational skills.


Want to get away from cooking and washing the dishes when you are on holiday? If so, book a hostess for a week. The hostess will stay on your boat and do it for you.

  • The food shopping on arrival. A member of the crew should accompany them for payment
  • Clean the galley area, but not the cabins or deck
  • Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner (a maximum of two dinners per week)
  • Serve drinks with dinner
  • Wash the dishes
  • Clean the cabins or deck
  • Childcare

The hostess will need a space/bed on the boat. Please bear this in mind when booking your boat. The hostess is only an option if you have a skipper provided by us also.

€789 per week. This does not include the food.

4. who can go?

A sailing holiday is a fantastic experience for families with children, couples, groups of friends or anyone looking for fun on the water.

Sailing with children can be both fun and challenging. To make this a memorable week, here are some useful tips:

Notify us in advance if you have children on board so we can arrange suitably sized life jackets. Make sure that your child wears this at all time when sailing.

Brief your children on the rules on board and do some safety drills with your skipper.

Give your children the opportunity to learn more about sailing, this will increase their interest, be useful for future yacht charters, and it will also keep them busy and focused for a couple of hours whilst sailing.

5. where should I go?

You should take into account a few things before choosing your destination. When do you wish to travel? Depending on the time of year, the sailing season will vary. Peak season often provides you with a vibrant feeling both at sea and on land, buzzing restaurants, pulsing nightlife, crowded villages and many sails out at sea! Off season offers you more sailing, as you can always find space in the marinas, you may feel more relaxed and the prices can be lower. Consider your sailing experience also – as some areas provide more challenging sailing conditions. Our team are available to answer all your questions and help you choose your dream destination - info@yachtsandfriends.com.

The northern coast of Sicily has been shaped over the millennia by the Tyrrhenian Sea and offers a stunning repertoire of islands. The thrill-seekers should not miss the active volcano hike up Stromboli and Mount Etna.

Set an olive’s throw away from Athens, the Saronic islands rise out of brilliant blue waters to provide perfect sailing conditions. Sandy beaches, family run restaurants and the generous hospitality of the Greeks.

Roman ruins, idyllic beaches, traditional fishing ports, medieval and renaissance architecture and unspoiled islands makes central Dalmatia an irresistible destination.

Dubrovnik and Southern Dalmatia is simply unique. For Lord Byron it was termed ‘the jewel of the Adriatic’ and ‘paradise on earth’. Dubrovnik itself will leave you speechless with its bewitching beauty and sublime setting.

6. what time of year should I go?

The sailing season in the Mediterranean runs from April to October. These months are blessed with warmer weather and more pleasant sailing conditions.

In the Caribbean, the best months are from December to April.

7. what’s included?

  • Rental of the yacht
  • Accommodation for 7 nights
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Yacht equipment
  • All taxes
  • End cleaning
  • Dinghy, outboard engine and gasoline
  • GPS and nautical charts
  • Stereo and cockpit speakers
  • Safety equipment to meet the requirements of the flag-state

8. additional costs

  • Fuel
  • Port fees
  • Water
  • Food & drink
  • Skipper and host meals and tips
  • Water taxis, depending on route
  • Flights and transfers
  • Refundable security deposit

There may be some additional payments required during the charter, the cost of these depends largely on the destination. The port fees also depend on whether you choose to spend the night at a port, on a mooring or anchor, but are estimated to be between €250-€600 for the yacht for the week. The fuel depends on how much you sail vs use the motor but is estimated to be between €250-€400 for the yacht for the week. In some of the locations you may have to pay for water taxis to get onshore but these aren't expensive!

Vacation prices are per person in Euros. The price includes all aspects associated with the yacht and sailing, including the yacht charter costs, the skipper and hostess (if added), sheets and towels, safety equipment, GPS, stereo, dinghy and outboard engine and cleaning of the yacht. The price does not include your flight, airport transfers, food and drinks, 3 meals a day and soft drinks for the skipper, or any hotel costs for early arrivals or late departures. Meals are not included. You and your group will be able to purchase groceries on the day of arrival to stock the boat with food and drinks. If you include a hostess, he/she will manage this shop, a few of the crew are just expected to accompany to pay for the food.

The fuel depends on how much you sail vs use the motor, but is estimated to be between €250-€400 for the yacht for the week.

The port fees also depend on whether you choose to spend the night at a port, on a mooring or anchor, but are estimated to be between €250-€600 for the yacht for the week.

You are expected to pay for the skipper and hostess' food and non-alcoholic drinks during the week. Tips are at your own discretion.

9. life onboard

Many fleets offer a starter pack for an extra cost so you can arrange for some basics to be onboard when you arrive.

Yes, but it is a good idea to pack your own basic first aid kit including plasters, antiseptic creams, seasickness tablets, insect repellent, antihistamine. Please remember to bring any personal medication you need for the duration of your holiday.

There is not a lot of room for luggage although there is no maximum weight allowance. It is recommended that you use a soft bag, as it is easier to store without taking up space.

Yes, bed linen is provided as well as one shower towel per person. We advise you bring a beach towel for use during the day.

Sailing yachts are compact and comfortable, though not overly spacious inside. Cabins are normally based on two people sharing and have small closets and cubbies for your clothes. Each boat will have multiple heads (bathrooms) and showers. They are small, but you will get accustomed to them in no time! Boats have a fully equipped galley (kitchen) and dining table, but you are likely to eat breakfast and lunch outside at the table on the top deck (or onshore if you want!). The boats have a refrigerator and freezer, electricity, stereos, and other amenities that you would expect in conventional lodging, but it is not a luxury hotel. The majority of yachts do not have air conditioning, but you will be outside on top deck enjoying the sea breeze most of the time!

The yachts use DC power 220V and have European two round pin outlets. We recommend you bring a 12V adapter to charge your devices whilst sailing. If your yacht does not have a generator on board then full electrics and outlets will only be available when moored in the marina and connected to shore power.

The VHF radio on our yachts is used to communicate with other boats and for emergencies. Some yachts have the option of Wi-Fi which can be purchased at check in with the charter company. Internet access is available at many cafes and restaurants. Your mobile phones are likely to work in most places.

There is a CD player and radio on board, and many boats have an auxiliary plug where you can connect your phone of device. Remember to bring an AUX cable with you!

10. Life onboard

  • 9-11am Wake up and eat breakfast on deck with views of the deep blue, freshly prepared and served by your host if included
  • 10-12pm Time to leave the port and set sail to the next island stop
  • 12-2pm Lunch stop in a stunning natural bay. The yacht will stay at anchor for a couple of hours – enough time for a swim, lunch and a sunbathe
  • 2-4pm Sail towards your next island. Enjoy the sun and sea breeze, and relax on top deck
  • 4-6pm Arrive at your next island stop. If you arrive early, you may stay in the marina and be able to walk ashore. If you arrive later, you may stay at anchor and dingy over to shore
  • 6-8pm Explore the island and grab some drinks and/or dinner at one of the many restaurants on shore, if in doubt ask your skipper for a suggestion!
  • 8-11pm Enjoy the island, wander around town or even enjoy a late night dip!

11. sample itineraries

Check out our recommended routes and sample itineraries by clicking OUR DESTINATIONS at the top of the page. The route is totally flexible, and once your skipper is assigned you can work with him/her to design your perfect route! Our team are also always available to answer any questions you have regarding potential routes - info@yachtsandfriends.com.

12. before you go

All our yachts are well-equipped for cruising in comfort. Space onboard is limited so we advise you to pack light and use soft duffel bag if possible, as storage space on a yacht is limited. Remember covered shoes for exploring onshore.

Recommended list of what to bring:

  • Beach towel
  • Swimwear
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Light sweater
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sun hat / cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Non-slip deck shoes
  • Sailing gloves
  • AUX cable
  • 12V car charger
  • High factor / waterproof sunscreen
  • A basic first aid kit including plasters, antiseptic creams, seasickness tablets, insect repellent, antihistamine and any personal medication you need to last the duration of your holiday

Your crew list must be completed by 4 weeks prior to departure.

Definitely! You will be connected with your assigned skipper around 6 weeks prior to departure. Your skipper will be able to advise and answer any questions regarding your holiday as well as plan the perfect route with you.

Depending on your nationality, please ensure you have the appropriate visas and travel document for entering the country. Ensure you have an official ID document, preferably passport. Additionally, please make sure that you have valid travel insurance for your trip and activities.

As is the case when traveling in any country, we advise customers to be careful with their personal possessions when out and about and never leave items unattended. The boat can be locked to protect your valuables if you wish. In an emergency situation, there are means to contact authorities and the coastguard to quickly address any issues.

Definitely not! We have a lot of first time sailors and it is super exciting to explore this different method of travel and exploration; a mix of luxury and camping. We use high-quality yachts ideal for extended cruising but please be aware that the living space onboard a sailing yacht is more compact than a standard hotel. We aim to make you as comfortable as possible so that you feel at home onboard within a few hours. Your skipper's number one priority is your safety and then your comfort, so if ever in doubt approach your skipper for assistance.

A sailing holiday is a wonderful experience for both children and adults.

13. upon arrival

We recommend you arrive around 3pm to begin the check in process. You can then head to the supermarket for provisioning, and you will normally have access to your yacht around 5/6pm. Check out is by 9am on the final day.

We don't offer transfer, but most of our destinations have good taxi services and even the most common taxi applications are used in some destinations. If in doubt, just email our team for advice and they will be able to tell you the best way to get to the marina - info@yachtsandfriends.com.

Before check out, ensure you remove all your luggage, rubbish and left over food/drinks. Please, also collect the sheets and towels that you have used and leave them in a pile in one of the cabins.

You can head to the supermarket on arrival day to purchase the majority of the week's food/drink. There are also smaller shops on the islands during the week, so don't worry if you need to restock mid week. Your skipper will advise you on the nearest supermarket to the marina. If you have a host included, they will manage the provisioning on arrival day, a few of the crew should just accompany the host to pay

Don’t forget:

  • Paper towels
  • Toilet roll
  • Soap
  • Washing up soap and sponges
  • Salt/pepper, condiments
  • Lots of water!

We only work with the most trustworthy and reliable charter companies. Your skipper is trained and licensed to deal with any emergency situation, so you will be in the safest hands. All charter companies that we partner with have a 24-hour emergency telephone number and offer an emergency support service if needed. Technical assistance will either come to your aid or send a local agent to meet you at your next port.

14. booking and payment

Yes, the booking is paid in 3 installments:

  • Only 10% is due within 24 hours of reserving to confirm your booking
  • The second payment is a further 40% and is due 30 days after booking
  • The final 50% is due 90 days prior to departure

Please note, if you book 120 days or less prior to departure, these installments may differ.

Cancellation fees apply and will depend on how far in advance you cancel your booking. Within 24 hours of booking the cancellation fee is 0%. From 24 hours after booking to no later than 30 days from the booking date the cancellation fee is 10% of the total booking cost. Thereafter, until 91 days prior to the event date (check your booking to see the exact date) the cancellation charge is 50% of the total booking cost. Within 90 days, or less, prior to the event date (check your booking to see the exact date) the cancellation fee is 100% of your total booking cost. Please note, refunds are subject to an administration fee.

All charter yachts are fully insured under marine insurance policies against loss, damage and third party indemnity. When you book your yacht, you will pay a refundable security deposit directly to the charter company (please check yacht details for exact amount) which protects against any damage caused to the yacht during the week. In the event of loss or damage to the yacht, your liability is limited to the amount of your security deposit unless the damage is caused by your negligence.

At the start of the charter, you must pay a security deposit to the charter company. The deposit varies depending on the size of the boat, please check your specific yacht details. The deposit is to protect against any damage and/or loss not arising from normal wear and tear.

The security deposit can be paid in cash or card. When paid on card the amount is simply frozen for the duration of the week. On check out, assuming no damage has been caused, the amount will then be released (or the cash returned if paid in cash).

No, you are welcome to sail with a smaller crew, as a couple, or even solo with a skipper and host if you so wish! Some prefer to reduce the size of the crew to have more space onboard. The full cost of the yacht is still charged.

Most charters during the peak season are for a 7-day period from Saturday to Saturday. Some charter companies offer shorter periods starting mid-week. Contact us for any specific arrangements.

No! We will provide a trained and certified skipper, who will sail and guide you through your week! If you choose to self-skipper the qualification required depends on the waters you will be sailing in and the specific requirements of the yacht charter company. Please contact us for more details.

On arrival day will need to show proof of your competence. An RYA day skipper qualification is required when sailing in Croatia. You should feel confident in the handling of your yacht, anchoring and mooring in varying conditions, and be able to use navigation and pilotage skills to plan your trip. You should be assisted by at least one competent crew.

We can also offer a bareboat charter. Please get in touch providing your license and VHF certification to ensure you are certified to skipper in the destination you wish to charter.

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