Intimate, immersive and all-inclusive. Yachts and Friends is a boutique sailing experience, focussed on small luxury flotillas, handpicked destinations, curated local adventures and culinary delights. Our small-group sailing trips feature cabin bookings in a small group of yachts, ensuring an intimate and relaxing experience for both you and your like-minded voyagers. Each yacht has its own professional skipper and onboard chef, so you can relax and let us take care of your hassle-free holiday. Each destination is selected for the variety of experiences they offer you. From exploring rolling vineyards and breathtaking volcano hikes to mastering cooking classes and sampling local delicacies, we've ensured each itinerary is unique. So if you're a cultured, curious and chilled traveller, Yachts and Friends is the perfect adventure for you.

Your choices

1. Solo spot

Sailing solo? No problem.

2. Cabin

Voyaging with a friend? Book your trip together and you'll have a cabin to yourselves on a shared yacht, filled with new friends and good vibes.

3. Full yacht

Are your friends ready to cast off? Book a whole yacht for up to eight people and you can join the Yacht and Friends flotilla together.

A typical Y&F sailing holiday

Gather your Gang

Pitch the idea of a relaxing sailing holiday in a beautiful destination of your choice to your family and friends. We doubt any convincing will be needed because dropping anchor in a small, secret, sunny bay where it's only you and your few favourite people has got to be one of the purest forms of freedom.
You will also have one of our skilled skippers navigating your yacht and showing you the ropes if you so wish.

Pick your Paradise

Our charters are always 7 days long. Check-in on Saturday at 5pm, sail back to base marina 6 days later on the Friday evening for check-out at 9am on Saturday morning. Find a week that works best for you, during the European winter we sail the British Virgin Islands and Thailand. During summer we recommend the Mediterranean. Pick one of our tailored routes or create your very own together with the help of your skipper.

Choose Your Yacht

Choose the perfect yacht for you, either a spacious catamaran with air conditioning or a monohull for faster sailing. After you have made your reservation and paid the first instalment we will contact you and try to find the best suitable skipper for you. We also highly recommend adding a hostess to cook up some culinary delights aboard your yacht throughout the week.

A Typical day At Sea

We recommend arriving at your base marina around 3pm on Saturday. Meet your skipper and hostess who will guide you through the check-in of the yacht. Pay a refundable deposit to be paid back to you at the end of the charter. Depending on the destination and route, either set sail the first day or stay at the marina overnight to sail out early the next morning.
At Sea
Wake up with the sounds of the ocean and smells of freshly made breakfast. After a refreshing swim in emerald waters, begin cruising to the next hidden gem: a secluded bay, secret caves, volcanic islands or bustling towns. With the sounds of your favourite playlist in the background. Spend the day exploring, feasting and relaxing all to your hearts content.


We meet all yachting companies in every destination before putting their boats online to ensure high quality yachts and secure bookings.

With years of experience organising sailing holidays, our team has the expertise to guarantee a personal touch to each trip.

1. Book your yacht online and receive a booking confirmation

2. Pay 10% deposit within 24 hours once a customer service agent from Yachts and Friends has contacted you to confirm the yacht

3. Pay 40% no later than 30 days after booking

4. Pay the final 50% no later than 90 days prior to departure

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Amex

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