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  1. Choose your Destination
    Selecting your destination can be both fun and enlightening, take a glimpse at our destination pages to get inspired.
  2. Choose your Yacht
    Yachts vary in size and price, so selecting one based on your requirements is simple. Prices range from €350-2000 per person based on full occupancy - the average price person is around €450.


  1. Start your reservation by browsing our real time search engine to find your yacht. You can sort by destination, dates and number of guests.
    Please note:
    • Each week commences and finishes on a Saturday lasting a total of one week by default.
    • You can further refine your search by selecting the yacht model, number of cabins and more.
    • You must book your skipper if someone in your crew doesn't have the necessary sailing license.
  2. Once you have submitted your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email for your option as well as details as to the marina.
    Please note:
    • The Booker is the main contact person for Yachts and Friends and responsible for organising payment, completing crew list details online.
    • Details required for the crew list are: name as per passport, date of birth, passport number and contact details. Crew member details can be added once logged into your booking on the booking system.
    • The Booker is responsible for check-in and check-out of the yacht. Hence, once at the marina, please make your way to the provided yachting agency's office, and they will assist you with check in and check out procedures.
  3. You will be contacted by one of our team after you have made your booking to understand your requirements so that we can tailor your holiday.
  4. Prior to departure your, your skipper will contact you to help plan and answer questions regarding your holiday.

If you have any questions regarding the booking process please refer to our FAQs.


Payment for confirmed yachts should be made by credit card over three payments.

Once the initial reservation is submitted on the Yachts and Friends’ website, you will have 24 hours to pay the first instalment of 10%. Once this has been paid, your option will turn into a confirmed booking where terms and conditions apply. Thus, the first instalment acts as a deposit, which is non-refundable if the booking is subsequently cancelled. If payment is not made within 24 hours, the option will automatically expire.

Please ensure you check your spam filter if you do not receive a confirmation email as it may have ended up there.

All bookings will be paid in 3 instalments:

  • first payment: 10% of the total charter price no later than 24 hours after making the reservation (an option is created)
  • second payment: 40% of the total charter price no later than 30 days after booking
  • final payment: the balance of 50% of the total charter price no later than 90 days before the charter departure date

If preferred, you may settle the total in one payment.


Paying with Credit card

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Some people experience problems making payments with their credit cards, since the size of the payment is above average for most online payments. Some credit cards and banks flag the purchase due to limits set by the banks. If your payment is declined, please contact your bank to check with them first for possible reasons:

  • Not enough funds in the account
  • Maximum daily limit set by the bank for a transaction
  • Default block on international transfers - check with your your bank to ensure they allow international transfers with your card.

Your bank requires you to activate 3-D secure, a feature that we support. 3-D secure is an extra layer of security where you are redirected to your bank to submit a personal pin code in order to identify the buyer before the purchase goes through.

If you still can't make the payment please use another card or contact us at

What is the security deposit?

The deposit is a kind of insurance that is paid directly to the yachting company at check-in on site. It is a security deposit against damages caused to the yacht during the week. If there is no damage to the yacht at check-out, the entire deposit is returned. Deposits can be paid either by card or in cash.


Yachts and Friends does not arrange flights. To get your flight at a reasonable price we recommend booking your flight as early as possible. We recommend you book a flight that lands before 3pm local time in order to get to the marina in time and leave on the same day.

We do not offer airport transfers, but if in doubt about getting to the marina, get in touch with our team and they can advise -


We recommend that you, and all members of your yacht charter party have comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure. Please make sure you don't travel without adequate insurance!

Terms & Conditions

Click here to see the complete Terms & Conditions before you book.

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